Exit through Tortuga Bay

All Noah wants is surfing, sunsets, and pura vida. But a 200 kilo problem is really cramping his style. Now a drug cartel is on his tail and he needs a place to hide.

Grace sells adventures for a living but is too afraid to go on one herself. When her job takes her to Costa Rica, she meets a charming stranger who pushes her to face her fears. Grace must decide: cozy up in her safe bubble or go on an adventure of a lifetime. 

Noah should be hiding, but he can’t keep away from the blue-eyed beauty who captures his heart. He wants to help her break out of her shell, but can he keep her safe from the dangers that come with living on the run?

Transport yourself to the sandy beaches of Costa Rica in this fun-loving action-packed romantic comedy. This can be read as a standalone, or read as the second book of the Escape in Paradise series