Readers’ Favorite 5-star Review

Reader’s Favorite gave Exit through the Jungle a 5-star review!

✨Reviewed by Maureen Dangarembizi for Readers’ Favorite✨

Exit Through The Jungle by Alicia Crofton is book one in the Escape in Paradise series. Jolie Boulard desperately needs new sponsorship for her blog. At just over thirty, she has a great body and a decent following on Instagram but she needs more. Now that her father has stopped funding her lifestyle, she finds that her bank account barely has enough money to cover rent let alone any other expenses. Her dad is good for the money but not without a few strings attached. How about trying to earn money without exposing girl parts? Jolie wants to be independent of her father’s business so
they make a deal. One last chance or else join the family business. That’s how Jolie finds herself in Costa Rica, falling in love with her kidnapper and running away from drug dealers.

I loved Exit Through the Jungle by Alicia Crofton for its contemporary take on life and the impact of social media. Jolie was
funny and a bit vain. The kind of person who would make a living out of photos on Insta. I liked her spirit and that she could be persuaded to take a good look at her life and make changes. Her relationship with her father was quite refreshing. He wasn’t over the top nor did he hold back when he thought she was messing up her
life. I loved Kai who was drool-worthy and had a hilarious way of falling into trouble. I hope this won’t be the last time we see this couple. There is so much potential for the next book. Lots of interesting secondary characters. I’ll be looking out for the next books in this series.